Laurier Research Group is highly regarded for its practical knowledge of the historical, legal, political and cultural realities that affect Aboriginal litigation, and is one of the principal authors of the manual on this very topic followed by all researchers in Canada. As such, Laurier Research Group is uniquely situated to facilitate the research of cross-cultural legal issues, policy research support and land treaty claims. If a client has previous research that needs organization and management, our experience in project management and records and information management can be leveraged to allow aggregate records to be quantified and cataloged, and therefore be made accessible for future research and data mining.

Working in teams to guarantee accuracy, our researchers carry degrees in a broad range of relevant disciplines; their work is widely praised for its thoroughness. We guarantee the breadth and accuracy of our research with a sophisticated quality-control process that guides each stage of the research engagement and provides for comprehensive peer-review of all work before submission.

Only LRG can ensure that your research is beyond reproach. Contact us.