LRG is a firm of consummate professionals who form project-specific teams to meet the unique and evolving needs of our clients. Each of our researchers has unique skills and specialized experience in particular areas of research; when any project begins we assemble teams of our own experts with the qualifications and practical experience appropriate to the job at hand. Team members collaborate on every project—both within the firm and on teams within our clients’ organizations. Further, our team is international, with members from four continents working fluently in six languages.

We consider education to be a lifelong engagement, and all of our researchers undergo a rigorous program of professional development that includes direct instruction and hands-on practice far in excess of any government requirement. We constantly prototype and adopt new research protocols to improve our celebrated speed and accuracy.

To protect the security of client data and to guarantee the quality of our work LRG only utilizes full-time employees to complete research projects, an unusual policy in research firms. Our tools, our training, our personal security clearances and secure facilities result in fast and efficient delivery of complex research, regardless of sector.

Our success is based on impeccable standards and deep loyalty augmented by the contribution of world-class research talent. Read about our team to learn more about our capability.