Laurier Research Group (LRG) is Canada’s leading comprehensive research service specializing in the issues affecting aboriginal peoples and traditional societies in Canada.

As our tagline declares, whenever we undertake research, we question the context, examine the facts, and deliver evidence and targeted analysis to suit the specific client, issue and case. Our highest ambition and daily duty is to provide our clients with flawless research and insightful analysis that facilitates decision making, policy creation and litigation.

Expert, flexible and fast moving, our firm is structured in a project-team model to meet the research and information needs of both governmental and non-governmental institutions focused on social, cultural, economic, environmental and legal issues wherever the duties of government and the rights of indigenous peoples intersect.

With a cosmopolitan team of creative, dedicated and expert research professionals, LRG is an unparalleled resource for research in six complementary areas:

  • Indigenous Peoples and cross-cultural legal issues
  • Policy research support and analysis as it pertains to traditional societies
  • Land and treaty claims
  • Document management and information analysis
  • Research management

The LRG Philosophy

Good decisions depend on high-quality research; at LRG we strive to provide our clients with the best of historical and contemporary research to link events of the past to decisions of the present.

The Founding of LRG

Marcela Fernandez-Davila was the Laurier Research Group founder, President and a Senior Researcher, delivering in-depth research of aboriginal claims and treaties, maintaining a flawless reputation for expert research in litigation and policy, and bringing along to the LRG team a lifetime of experience in policy and Indigenous-Peoples research. Marcela held complementary law degrees from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Ottawa.