Senior Researcher

Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree in First Nations studies, archaeology and fine arts, and a Master’s degree in archaeology. She is a doctoral candidate in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies program at the University of Northern British Columbia. She has provided historical research services and analysis in the area of indigenous litigation for the past two and a half years, working on Indian Days Schools, Sixties’ Scoop, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation land claim, and the Robinson Superior Treaties. She has provided archaeological consulting services in BC, Ontario and Quebec. Her academic research has focussed on indigenous lifeways of the late precontact and contemporary periods. While living on xaadlaa gwaayee/Haida Gwaii, BC for 22 years, she learned the local indigenous language and traditional lifeway with her Elders and her children. Karen conducts research in English, French and xaad kil, and is beginning to work with Spanish sources.